'Jurassic World Evolution' In-Game Footage Looks Incredible

Jurassic World Evolution/YouTube

The in-game footage for Jurassic World Evolution looks incredible

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Michelle Jaworski

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The Jeff Goldblum-approved Jurassic World Evolution will allow you to build and run your own dinosaur park, and the first in-depth look at the game shows just how detailed and expansive it will be.

During a hands-on event in Los Angeles, some of the people who had a hand in creating the game gave the audience a preview of what players had to look forward to with their own commentary added to the gameplay. There isn’t too much happening from a narrative standpoint—the commentators are focusing on showing off the park itself—but the graphics and attention to detail in what we do see are top-notch, from the structures and nature to the creatures within the park.

And of course, there are plenty of dinosaurs roaming around, safely within the confines of the park—for now.

“We want to make the best dinosaurs you’ve ever seen,” executive producer Rich Newbold explained early into the demonstration.

Jurassic World Evolution, which will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, will be released June 12.

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