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Meet Darcy, the cutest little hedgehog on Instagram

“Professional hedgehographer” is now a real job title.


Sarah Weber

Internet Culture

Sometimes things are cuter when they’re just a little dangerous. 

Take Darcy the Flying Hedgehog for example. She’s gained a following as one of the most squee-worthy pets on Instagram — a little darling you just want to nuzzle until you get some of her adorable spines embedded in your face.

While prickly on the outside, Darcy seems pretty mellow, posing in seasonal photos for her professional hedgehographer Shota Tsukamoto. The Tokyo resident captures Darcy’s whimsical exploration of the world (and introduction to other pointy things) in more than 200 minimalist portraits. This, ladies and gentlemen, is hedgehog high art. 

H/T Neatorama | Photo by Shota Tsukamoto/Instagram

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