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This is the most bats**t crazy, heart-wrenching catfish story we’ve heard

This is unreal.


April Siese

Internet Culture

Photo-sharing site Imgur is good for more than just animal GIFs and viral fun. Its users have banded together to support a man’s Photoshop dreams and even help a fellow user diagnose an illness. Some users have found love from the platform. Or, at least, they thought they did.

ThatCatfishedGuy, 22, explicitly made a new profile and posted his epic tale of an Imgur love connection gone wrong on Sunday night. Thousands of people have flocked to the post, and all of them have questions.

First, the backstory (click through for the whole epic account): 

In 2015 I met, let’s just call her, Lucy. Lucy is 25 and studying medicine.
Lucy and I started talking frequently over a social networking site under Imgur, and eventually, we started talking outside of the site, on WhatsApp and Skype.
We soon realised we both liked each other more than just some people over seas, and agreed that we would actually be hurt if the other person decided to date somebody else. So we became exclusive. After a year of talking every single day, having shared our lives with each other, we decided to meet up. She was going to visit me here in Europe from The United States of Murica. She was going to land at 11 am on the 7th of July 2016. And this is where it all starts. The day before.
We texted before she got to the airport and said her Uber driver was driving recklessly and then she suddenly stopped answering my messages – said her driver ran red lights and all that. Naturally I became worried as this happened around 19.15 my time. I was sick of worry and at 1 in the morning I got a message.

So Imgur. I got a story for you all. Buckle the fuck up.

According to ThatCatfishedGuy, Lucy’s assailant has been caught and will be tried for his crimes. ThatCatfishedGuy went through a rough period after the romance dissolved, the drama turned up, and then tragedy struck. He’s now in therapy, no longer suicidal, and looking to better himself. Here’s hoping Lucy is also recovering.

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