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IHOP deletes tweet that compared pancakes to breasts

Betting a 13-year-old wrote this.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

IHOP had to apologize Monday for tweeting a joke about pancakes that came directly from a seventh-grade boys’ locker room. Behold, the quip that unleashed an avalanche of bad PR for the breakfast chain:

As you can see, IHOP tried to make light of small breasts and oversized personalities, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how that was supposed to be funny (as Trevor Noah could tell you, if you’re going to make an offensive joke, make sure that it’s hysterical, because otherwise all that fallout you’re sure to suffer will not have been worth it).

First of all, do we want flat pancakes? No, I prefer fluffiness. I don’t want a batter brick. I want some damn air in my breakfast. Second of all, the day I care about personality in my breakfast foods is the day I stop eating bacon.

The pancake tweet did not sit well in Twitter‘s gut.

Obviously, IHOP had to make amends for the juvenility.

Thanks for admitting fault, IHOP, but we’re sorry to say that your joke fell flatter than the pancakes you were purportedly trying to sell. Maybe you should try to poach the Denny’s social media team?

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