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How Ridiculous/YouTube

YouTubers drop a fridge from 150 feet up, and the destruction is delicious

RIP, refrigerator.


Josh Katzowitz

Internet Culture

The How Ridiculous channel on YouTube has received tens of millions of page views simply by dropping items off a 150-foot tower. The Australian trio has caused major destruction by releasing giant darts, bowling balls, and a 60-pound ice block.

Now, watch what happens when they release a freakin’ refrigerator. First, they drop various other household items off the tower, including a dishwasher, a La-Z-Boy chair, and a toilet. And then it’s time for the main event.

Spoiler alert: There’s plenty of carnage and annihilation.

It might have taken How Ridiculous quite an effort to lug the fridge up the 222 steps of the 45-meter tower. But the end result was fantastic.

Next up for the YouTubers? They said if this video receives 1 million likes, they’d throw a fridge onto the top of a car.

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