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Turnabout is fair play.

The thing is, baby cows are adorable. Like, tear-your-own-face-off, fly-away-to-the-moon, they-must-have-been-designed-by-Pixar adorable. This has historically been a linchpin of the vegetarian argument: Just look at a baby cow! How can you eat that? 

That tactic is at least a little less aggro and a little more listener-friendly than many of the save-the-world, save-your-soul, here’s-why-you’re-a-disgusting-garbage-person-for-eating-that-burger tirades a lot of the carnivorous among us tend to endure when eating with vegan friends. It’s those comments that inspired JP SearsYouTuber and emotional healing coach—to make this video.

A ginger-haired meat eater (Sears) trumpets his disgust with those around him for eating vegetables, his “food’s food.” He soapboxes to his friends about how vegetables are making their bodies “way too alkaline,” how “orcas are more spiritually evolved, and they only eat seal meat, so that means humans should only eat meat… because of orcas,” and how “the best chance for the survival of other species is for us to kill and eat them.”

By the end, Sears really drives his point home. Which is not that anyone should eat more meat or only vegetables—just that we should all stop being such assholes about it. 

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