yearbook yellow shirt prank

Photo via Dave Husselbee/imgur

More than 50 kids collaborated on this masterpiece.

High school yearbook pranks are fantastic—if you can get away with them. Some schools are harsher than others, and some pranks are worse than others, from the tame (posing with your cat) to the borderline criminal (flashing the camera). 

Well, here’s one that’s both hilarious and difficult for killjoy school administrators to shut down.

A group of kids at Imgur dude Dave Husselbee‘s high school purchased approximately five very ugly Hawaiian shirts and started passing them around on picture day. By the end of the experiment, more than 50 students—plus 7 staff members—had photos featuring a garish-but-festive slash of “vacation yellow.” 

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It’s the perfect crime. There’s no victim, it’s basically harmless, and you can’t suspend everyone. They’re all yellow-shirted Spartacuses! In the eyes of fun-haters and rule-lovers, the yearbook is ruined. To everyone else, the prank is a huge success. 

You didn’t want to look back to high school and see a photo where your parents had clearly dressed you, anyway.

In retrospect, the yellow shirts won’t even seem weird. The only thing that will be weird is realizing it’s the year 2040 and your own children are still getting paper yearbooks and the photos all have that same blue background that hasn’t changed since the ’90s. 

AI comedians will joke about it. It’ll be fun.

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