Someone dressed up like that Gumby dog video—and no one got it


Dressing as a meme is a perfectly valid Halloween costume idea. If you spot a Dat Boi, a few Harambes, and a Taco Truck on Every Corner tonight, you’ll be impressed by the timely costumes and amused by the creativity of folks not content to be just another superhero.

But what if you go too obscure?

The world was captivated on Friday by a video of a golden retriever watching her Gumby squeaky toy come to life, courtesy of her humans. Unfortunately, 24 hours wasn’t quite enough time to reach peak cultural zeitgeist, so this Gumby costume with a stuffed dog missed the mark over the weekend.


Here’s a side-by-side of the original with the costume, just for reference:

Emily Crisp/Facebook, jram1818/Reddit

People were probably just confused that the toy looked more like a cocker spaniel than a golden, right?

Monica Riese

Monica Riese

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