Your mid-’90s tech nightmares come to life in Windows High as F**k

Windows logo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Only on drugs will this make any sense.

For some, it will be a stroll down memory lane; others, a revisitation of mid-’90s tech nightmares; the youngest viewers will discover a portal into unfamiliar territory. Whichever you are, you’re going to smoke some weed and check out a Tumblr called Windows High as Fuck.


The premise is somewhat familiar: the platforms, pixels, and programs of yesteryear are so dated that they begin to take on a strange, ugly poetry, or at least archaeological significance. WHAF—which has a bunch of hourglass and Windows icons flying around your screen at all times, by the way—lovingly curates some of the more surreal digital artifacts of that bygone era.


That, naturally, includes malfunctioning error message windows, trippy GIFs from video games, screengrabs of retro desktops, and shots of Geocities websites. Easily the most hypnotic thing on offer, however, is this little guy. Man, I could watch that stoned paperclip spin for hours.

H/T @missambear | Photo by Walbert Matos/Flickr

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