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This might be the wildest food delivery driver text conversation of all time

All this for a salad?


Chris Tognotti

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Who hasn’t been in the position of waiting anxiously for the food they just ordered and getting a text message from their delivery driver that strikes fear into their heart? After all, few feelings are as desperate or as helpless as a hungry person waiting for an order and hoping against hope that it’ll be delivered promptly and with everything intact.

This week, however, one woman’s UberEats story assumed its rightful place as maybe the funniest and most dramatic example in recent memory.

The upshot, in simple terms, is that a woman named Jocelyn Gladwin posted some screenshots to Twitter showing a bizarre and hysterically funny rhetoric standoff she got into with her UberEats driver, all revolving around a salad she ordered. To try to summarize the nature of their correspondence would be slightly futile, but fortunately, anyone can read the whole thing for themselves. (Since this tweet was posted last week, we assume it’s real and not an April Fools’ joke.)


It’s worth noting that in Gladwin’s screenshots of the texts, she didn’t blur or block out the driver’s cell phone number, which some people would consider a serious faux pas. Some people actually texted the guy, in fact, and he claimed that he and Gladwin had sex after he dropped off her food, a claim she firmly and flatly denied.


Unsaid in all of this is how long it ultimately took Gladwin to get her salad, and how it tasted when she did. This much seems clear, however: She probably got a memory out of the experience that’ll last a lot longer than any lunch order could.

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