The terrifying final photos of people who died taking selfies

Taking a selfie with Death

Nick Hubbard/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Global Justice Now/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed

One last look.

Selfies, as the old adage goes, are more dangerous than sharks. They can be fatal in so many ways—the victims fall, drown, get hit by trains, and shoot themselves. Sometimes they didn’t even want to get in on the selfie at all.

But there’s a morbid question about these tragedies that you may never have asked yourself: How did that final selfie turn out? It stands to reason that these final photos may be, in the end, worth dying for. 

But we’ll let you be the judge.

She didn’t stumble, but seconds after she snapped a selfie at the Grand Canyon, this woman mouthed off to a park ranger who shoved her in.

#Selfie at #GrandCanyon

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Using a selfie stick didn’t help these ski bros, whose exuberant high-fiving set off an avalanche that buried them alive. (The helicopter survived.)

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Maybe if this guy had been watching the road instead of his Instagram feed, he wouldn’t have plowed into a gas tanker and exploded in a giant fireball.

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Bet you can guess what happened here: Yep, the horse bit his face off.

We love sugar 🍬🍭🍦🍩🍫🍰 #horse #whitehorse #selfie #dangerousselfie #salerno #castelloarechi #cheeeeeeese

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This daredevil didn’t drown, but he did die of shame when his hat blew off and revealed his bald spot. Honestly, not sure what the big deal was.

These poor women should have put in their earplugs before taking a selfie: The music of Fall Out Boy is known to be lethal at concert volume.

Selfie with the band! #concertselfie #rockshowselfie #falloutboy #concert #livemusic #rockshow #latergram

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This dude was taking selfies while waiting for class to start—like any of us would. But he waited so long he eventually starved to death. RIP.

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Shortly after this charming Snapchat filter selfie was taken, this young woman was mistakenly captured, taken to a dog shelter, and euthanized.

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Sadly, this selfie-taker was wearing the wrong kind of clown makeup for that neighborhood and was viciously murdered by a rival clown gang.


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These karate kids were so busy with their selfie, they never saw that squad of ninja assassins coming. A great shame upon their families.

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Everyone here was instantly vaporized by the impact of a giant meteorite.

Killed by FedEx truck making a left turn. Should have been in the bike lane.

Pecked to death by a very territorial hawk. But then again, that’s what happens when you climb a skyscraper to steal the eggs out of a hawk’s nest.

Shit! This kind of selfie! #extremeselfie #dangerousselfie #great

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Collided with another pilot in another plane doing the exact same thing.

Dude was chilling way too hard… needless to say, his heart stopped.

Enfin en vacances !! #poolselfie #dangerousselfie

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Instantly obliterated by a swift and vengeful god, who could not allow him to defile the planet’s coolest selfie perch with a grainy-ass, low-res shot.

Selfie time! 📷✨ Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Photos via Nick Hubbard/Flickr (CC BY 2.0), Global Justice Now/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Jason Reed 

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