Faizen Patel on his honeymoon (without his wife)

Photo via FaizenPatel / Twitter Remix by Jason Reed

What a way to kick off their marriage.

Faizan Patel and his wife Sana got married last December, but they planned their real honeymoon for this August. And there’s no way to celebrate those nuptials than heading taking a break from each other and heading to Europe like a bachelor one more time, right?

That’s not exactly the reason why Faizan ended up jetting off without his wife. The two were supposed to be spending their honeymoon together on a two-week trip to Italy. But right before, Sana realized that she lost her passport.

Faizan went on the trip anyway and Sana was there to send him off, but the husband whipped up a way to bring his wife along.

He’s also been posting to Instagram. No couple shots of course, just some nice scenery. Looks like the weather’s also sad Sana couldn’t join.

Duomo di Firenze #ClickedWithP9 #OO #Firenze #ItalyTourism #Florence #Fasana #sanawashere #Venice #HoneyMoonwithoutHoney

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The saddest part of this honeymoon with no honey? Sana planned the entire trip.


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