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Photo via pseudorandombehavior/Reddit

Dude gets so high, he face-swaps with a nug of weed

‘This is your face on drugs.’


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

You know you got a little too high when you decide to face-swap with a massive nug of weed. 

This photo was shared with Reddit’s r/Trees yesterday, and like the best face-swaps, it’s simultaneously horrifying and oddly compelling. 

Just take a look at the close-up of his face. He looks like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

But then you see his face on the pot nugget, and it’s almost too perfect. It’s exactly the sort of low-budget effect you’d expect in a stoner comedy.

We’ve seen people face-swap with museum statues, their own zits, and their own faces, but this is a first. Let it be a lesson to you: As the top comment on Reddit put it, “This is your face on drugs.” 

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