doordash shutterstock image (l) doordash worker caption ' door dashed for 3 1/2 hours and only made $38 bc only half my orders tipped went through a quarter tank of gas which is like $17 rn I made like $6 an hour ' (r) @webkinzofficial/TikTok

‘Are you flying a plane for DoorDash?’: DoorDash driver says she makes $1,900 a week, sparking debate

‘Damn I’m barely pushing 600 a week off DoorDash.’


Samantha Shaps

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A Californian DoorDash driver claimed in a TikTok Monday that she makes nearly $1,900 every week distributing orders for the food delivery platform, which sparked debate among commenters who asked about her annual taxes and car maintenance fees. One commenter wrote, “Girl what?! Are you flying a plane for DoorDash.”

Roxanne Rojas, a DoorDash driver who is a self-described wife and mother, posted a TikTok showcasing her weekly earnings from Feb. 14 to May 1. The weekly earnings ranged between $1,300-$1,900 and Rojas grossed over $16,800 in an 11-week timeframe. With a weekly average hitting roughly $1,500, commenters expressed skepticism and concern over the amount of hours Rojas works and her total tax requirement.

@roxanne_ray Any question feel free!!! I am not boasting I am sharing information for people who need it! #InGodshands ♬ original sound – Roxanne Rojas

In the video, Rojas states that she and her husband quit their jobs. “This is what we make on DoorDash. This is weekly, not including UberEats,” she says. The video, which has accumulated over 2.6 million views, has over 300,000 likes and 5,700 comments.

One individual commented, “The taxes you have to pay on top of car maintenance and gas, it’s not as great.”

Another commenter wrote, “I see nobody in the comments has heard of tax write offs. Y’all just brainwashed into thinking anything but a 9-5 is a scam when the 9-5 is the scam.”

Rojas replied, “One of our favorite comments!”

Rojas, who usually posts faith-based content, now posts DoorDash tips and tricks for those who strive to meet the same delivery goals. In a video regarding their car’s gas mileage, Rojas and her husband state that using a car that can run 30-40 miles per gallon is helpful. Her husband also stated that using the schedule function on the DoorDash app allowed the two of them to “work smarter, not harder.”

Another video details that the pair works together to handle deliveries, with Rojas usually in the driver’s seat and her husband occasionally tagging along in the passenger’s seat to help out.

Rojas did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

DoorDash, which was founded in 2013, stated on its website that all an individual needs to become a Dasher is “a mode of transportation and a smartphone.” The California-based company wrote that Dashers are their own bosses and they have the “flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much” they earn.

DoorDash, which did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for commentery via email, claims on its website that its mission is to let Dashers make deliveries how and when they want on their “own terms.”

Although Rojas and her husband exceed their delivery goals, some viewers in the comments claimed that working for DoorDash is challenging.

“I had to quit DoorDash it was always dead and wasted more money on gas,” one former Dasher wrote.

Another stated, “Damn I’m (barely) pushing 600 a week off door dash.”

In response to comments about her work with DoorDash, Rojas said that she prioritizes her family and faith. She said, however, that during her time away from work she is still “hungry for the money.”

One individual wrote, “Comments are the exact reason why no matter what you do in your life people will always find a way to bring you down. SMH get your money queen.”

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