hand holding yellow post-it note with 'If I get scheduled weekends by myself one more time consider that my two weeks


‘I am a woman of my word’: Domino’s worker threatens to quit on Post-it if she gets scheduled to work weekends by herself. Her workplace does it again

'I would have simply walked out the day I was scheduled alone.'


Braden Bjella

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Posted on Sep 8, 2022   Updated on Sep 13, 2022, 11:38 am CDT

According to a survey conducted in 2019 by the San Diego Center on Policy Initiatives, “over 85% of survey participants are facing unpredictable scheduling practices implemented by employers,” with that number rising to “95% among food service, grocery and retail workers.”

Unpredictable scheduling can take many forms. As the piece lays out, workers can receive a schedule with less than two-weeks’ notice, management can change the schedule after posting, and employees may be heavily pressured or even required to work call-in shifts that aren’t formally on their schedules.

Another aspect of unpredictable scheduling is ignoring employee requests. If an employee requests their schedule be changed to accommodate their time in school or personal life, employers are often able to simply disregard these requests, putting their employees into uncomfortable and occasionally compromising positions academically, socially, and, in the worst of cases, physically.

TikToker Bella (@idonotknowwhatiamherefor), who works in food service, recently went viral after sharing her own story of an ignored request to no longer work alone on weekends.

In the video, she shows a sticky note she claims to have left for her management. The note explains that if she is scheduled to work weekends alone again, she will quit. Her hashtags indicated she works at Domino’s Pizza.

The video continues, showing another note from Bella that says if she’s scheduled to work weekends alone again, that should be considered her two weeks’ notice.

Despite this, her employer allegedly does schedule to work weekends alone again “for the 5th time in a row.” The video concludes with a final note explaining that Bella is a “woman of [her] word” and showing her final date of work.

The video currently has over 2.8 million views.

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According to Bella in comments, the initial note was posted on Aug. 21, with the final note coming on Aug. 31.

Commenters were supportive of Bella, with many saying that they would not have offered the employer the courtesy of a two-weeks’ notice.

“You’re nice,” wrote one user. “I would have simply walked out the day I was scheduled alone.”

“I would have just quit tbh,” added another. “they don’t give you a two weeks notice for firing you.”

Others shared their own working alone stories.

“They had me do a 12 hour shift, alone, at a gas station, and im a 5’0 110 lb female…….. I flipped out about it,” recalled a user. “quit shortly after.”

“…I did it alone. my husband came in, handed me the baby and closed for me because I had a mental breakdown,” a second detailed. “I’m in banking now.”

“That happened to me and I just walked out. Bc I was tired of working 6 days by myself and not getting much help at all,” explained a third.

We’ve reached out to Bella via Instagram direct message.

This story has been updated.

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*First Published: Sep 8, 2022, 10:24 am CDT