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Wiener dog cheats to win this race

Where are the referees to call this dog out?


Eric Geller

Internet Culture

Everyone loves watching dogs play together. The clash of temperaments and attitudes makes for interesting interactions. When you line up a group of small dogs from different breeds for a race, however, you’re bound to see the ugly side of competitiveness. 

That’s exactly what happened in this video from June 1993 that recently resurfaced on Reddit. One of the dogs took the race a bit too seriously.

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There is no officially recognized organization that regulates mixed-breed dog racing in the United States—we checked—which means the other dogs in this race have no supervisory group to which they can appeal for a review of the race. 

With no authorities on hand to raise a red card, it looks like the wiener is the winner.

Photo via HackBitz/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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