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Twitter mocks painting from pro-Trump artist of president ‘Crossing the Swamp’

‘The Duck Dynasty reboot looks awful.’


David Gilmour

Internet Culture

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton revealed his new painting on Tuesday, an epic in which President Donald Trump navigates a flooded Washington D.C. with his lowly crew of administration officials.

McNoughton has painted several provocative politically themed paintings and become somewhat of a celebrity to those on the right. One, in which former Democratic President Barack Obama stands on the Constitution as founding father James Madison looks on disbelief, is proudly owned by Fox News host Sean Hannity.

This latest work, Crossing the Swamp, as McNaughton called it, is modeled on Emanuel Leutze’s painting called Washington Crossing the Delaware.

In a dramatic video trailer accompanying the announcement, the artist unpacked his symbology—Trump navigates “murky waters of the deep state” which is “laced with dangerous vermin perfectly willing to destroy American prosperity.” The twelve-person crew includes such familiar faces as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, oar in hand, and National Security Adviser John Bolton. who appears to be battling a scaled swamp creature.

Some conservative Twitter users sincerely complimented the work.

But many of the internet’s most profound amateur art critics were keen to dismantle the piece for the true meme that it really was.

So, is it a national treasure? Who knows. Future generations might just study this painting, the parable of the plutocrat president who flooded the swamp he promised to drain so badly he needed a 12-person boat.

Correction 8:51am CT, Aug. 1: An earlier version of this story misattributed the inspiration of Crossing the Swamp. The original Washington Crossing the Delaware was by Emanuel Leutze, which in turn inspired a painting of the same title by George Caleb Bingham, but Crossing the Swamp more closely mirrors the former.

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