Creepy baby doll

Screengrab via Sara Nović/Twitter

Good luck sleeping on that red-eye flight.

Aside from an unexpected upgrade or being on a completely empty flight, there’s no better feeling on an airplane than an open middle seat in your row. Imagine, then, having that momentary relief replaced by this “waking nightmare.” 

Author Sara Nović has been livetweeting her experiences on her red-eye flight stuck next to this creepy, full-sized baby doll, and it’s been at turns hilarious and bizarre. 

Nović, the fiction editor of Blunderbuss magazine, obviously has a knack for storytelling and details. She needed the backstory. 

In a cruel twist of fate, after a two-hour layover, Nović ended up on another flight with the doll, this time sitting directly across the aisle from it. 

So much for catching some sleep on that red eye. 

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