‘Sex Island’ party moves to secret location after Colombia threatens to deport attendees

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The company promises unlimited alcohol, sex, and snacks.

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Columbia-based company “Good Girls” is moving its luxury “Sex Island” vacation package after local authorities threatened to deport anyone arriving to attend the event.

Originally, the company had promised three days and four nights on a private island off the coast of Columbia, for a limited number of 30 guests. According to the website, the $5,000 price tag will get you, quote:

  • Two girls per day, Unlimited sex, Switching girls is permitted
  • Unlimited Condoms 😉
  • All meals, snacks, and free alcohol
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Luxury yacht parties
  • Bedroom equipped with shower, closet, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi
  • Volleyball court and jet skis
  • Beautiful beaches

A promotional video shows a young man arriving in Columbia, where he is whisked away to a yacht filled with beautiful women, which in turn takes him to “Sex Island.”

The website promises the women are free of STIs and also states that drug use is allowed. “Our event allows for all types of drug consumption and our girls are drug friendly,” the company says on the site.

drug friendly sex party Screengrab via James Tony/Vimeo

A screengrab from the “Sex Island” promotional video

Prostitution, while legal in Columbia, is restricted to certain areas, and the Colombian government was no fan of the Sex Island party idea. They said anyone who arrived in the country, with intentions to attend the event, would be deported.

“It is unacceptable that they want us to sell as a sexual destination,” Cartagena major Sergio Londoño Zurek said on Twitter, “That is not the tourism that we represent. # will not allow it.”

Bowing to that pressure, the company has moved the party to a new, undisclosed location.

“The event is NOT in Colombia,” a spokesman for Good Girls told The Sun, “The location has changed, all our clients are aware of the location change. The location for the event is in a private island off the coast of a Caribbean country. My boss is an owner of many islands.”

“We have all our permission and business licenses to hold this event at our new location,” they added.

According to The Sun, Good Girls has also claimed a “high profile British pop star” who has “many number one hits” will be attending the event, which is set to take place Nov. 24-27.

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