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Marvel’s drops first trailer for teen drama ‘Cloak and Dagger’

It’s a love story between two runaway teens with superpowers.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Marvel‘s first teen drama series, Cloak and Dagger, just shared its first trailer. It’s pretty intense, but surprisingly light on superhero content.

Adapted from the Marvel Comics duo Cloak and Dagger, it’s about two runaway teens with complementary superpowers. Cloak can teleport and create portals into a dark dimension, while Dagger manifests physical weapons made of “light energy.

The show takes place in the MCU (as you can tell from the Roxxon Corp. sign in the final shot), but it marks a new strand of the franchise, airing on Freeform, unlike ABC’s procedural dramas or Netflix’s adult-rated shows.

The trailer emphasizes Cloak and Dagger‘s themes of teen romance and alienation, and we only see the characters’ powers for a few seconds toward the end. Since the show airs in 2018, this teaser may only include footage from the pilot episode, which wrapped up filming in late February.

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