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This man told a woman he didn’t want to see her again—in calligraphy

Is this worse than ghosting?


Tiffany Kelly

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After a first date, there are many ways to tell a person that you don’t want to go on another date. You can simply not follow-up. You can ghost them if they contact you. Or, if you’re like this guy, you can directly tell a woman that you’re “not looking to get involved”—in calligraphy and delivered via Facebook Messenger.

A woman named Kelly, who goes by @leafykell on Twitter, posted a screenshot of a message she received after an apparent one-night stand. The man she went on a date with, named Matt, took the time to write Kelly a handwritten message in calligraphy after the date. Here is what he wrote: “Hey Kelly, It was just a one-night thing. You were passionate, a time well spent, but I’m not looking to get involved. Sorry; thanks for walking the market with me, Matt XXX.”

Matt then took a photo of the letter—complete with an inkwell and pen artfully styled next to it—and sent it to her on Facebook. Kelly shared the message on Twitter with the caption, “don’t have a one night stand with a calligraphy major i guess…?”

The tweet received more than 100,000 likes. Most of the reactions were a mix of people surprised that calligraphy was a major at any college and others who were both impressed and annoyed by the effort put into an “I’m not interested” message.

Although this guy clearly put a lot of effort into his calligraphy style, some people had some edits for Matt:

At least he didn’t write the message on a Post-it note?

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