Chicago Bears logo holding Butterfinger bar in its mouth

Photo via Chicago Bears Butterfinger/Amazon Remix by Jason Reed

Butterfinger gleefully disses the Chicago Bears

The Bears lost to both the Green Bay Packers and a candy bar.


David Britton

Internet Culture

The Chicago Bears were already having a bad night. They were down 14-0 versus the Green Bay Packers when a botched snap bounced off quarterback Mike Glennon’s knee.

To add insult to injury, whoever is running the Twitter account for Butterfinger candy bars decided to make a little joke at the Bears’ expense.

The Bears quickly shot back.

Now had this been an actual member of the Chicago Bears talking with a guy who runs a social media account for a candy company, it’s a safe bet that the conversation would have ended with a swift apology.

But this isn’t the real world, this is the digital world, so Butterfinger had no problem pressing its luck.

The Bears then tried to switch up tactics by posting an image of Charlie Puth’s song “Attention”.

But implying that a company is using its Twitter account to get attention is like calling water wet. Butterfinger was loving all the attention and wasn’t about to quit while it was ahead. It let loose with a savage volley of tweets, even as the actual Chicago Bears were getting pummeled on the field.

It was brutal enough that at least one fan stepped in to beg for mercy.

At this point the Bears Twitter account was done, two losses in one day being enough for them. That’s when the rest of Twitter took over, and Butterfinger was only too happy revel in the victory.

As far as controversies concerning the NFL and knees, this was small potatoes. (For the record both the Bears and the Packers chose to link arms during the national anthem.)

The Packers went on to win the game 35-14, improving to 3-1 and dropping the Bears down to 1-3.


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