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‘I always thought they had an actual grill back there’: Burger King worker shares how the Whopper is made

‘All right, so this is how you make the Whopper meat.’


Natasha Dubash

Internet Culture

A Burger King worker on TikTok showed customers how the burger meat from the chain’s famous Whopper is prepared.

The clip was uploaded to TikTok by Bk (@bk_vids), an account that exclusively posts videos showing how various items from the Burger King menu are prepared.

@bk_vids Whopper Meat #meat #whopper #whopperpatty #bussin #beef #fyp #blowthisup ♬ Top Off – Gunna

“All right, so this is how you make the Whopper meat,” the clip begins, as @bk_vids pulls out and empties the grill’s grease tray. The frozen burger patties are then loaded up on the rack and pushed into the grill. 

Once the timer is set, all the Burger King employee has to do is wait until the cooked Whopper patties slide out of a side drawer. Viewers are also able to catch a glimpse of the flaming patties right before they slide out of the grill. 

The video amassed 13.1 million views, with viewers expressing their thoughts in the comments. 

Although Burger King isn’t the only fast-food franchise that uses frozen food, a number of people were surprised to learn that their beloved Whoppers aren’t grilled over an open flame with a cook flipping each patty by hand. 

“Me thinking there’s someone flipping burgers back there,” said one person. “I always thought they had an actual grill back there,” echoed another. 

A number of ex-Burger King employees marveled at the updated equipment in the kitchen. One person recalled, “When I worked at bk it was a moving belt through a grill. Put in one side. 5 or 6 feet later it comes out the other.”

“Worked at BK in 2000. It was a conveyor belt. Slippy shoes 2 bounce around from fry station 2 assembly station n knew the hiding spot for free food,” said another person. 

Burger King and Whopper meat aficionados also expressed concern at the questionable cleanliness of the grease tray shown in the beginning of the video, which has leftover grease and bits of burger in it.

“So why is the container not cleaned,” one person asked. “Didn’t wash it then hit the garbage and still used it!” pointed out another.

“There should be a rule for a new tray with a new batch,” a third suggested.

One person even claimed to have gotten sick after eating at the fast-food chain. “And that’s why I got food poisoning from a Whopper and will never eat Burger King again.”

But overall, viewers were content to express their love for Burger King. “God, Whoppers are so good,” said one viewer, expressing what was on many people’s minds. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @bk_vids via TiKTok comment. 

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