Celebrate International Bacon Day with Ron Swanson’s best bacon moments

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Give us all the bacon and GIFs you have. 

Today is International Bacon Day, a celebration of perhaps the Internet’s favorite food. And Parks and Recreation manly-man and Internet icon Ron Swanson is undeniably bacon’s biggest fan. So there’s really only one way for us to mark this most joyous of occasions: with almost every Parks and Rec scene featuring the mustached meat-lover and his No. 1 food.

First, a public service announcement regarding a possible worldwide bacon shortage. As ever, Swanson is well-prepared for a potential crisis.

If the horrible prospect of a world without bacon ever comes to pass, there’s little doubt Swanson would have the mother of all hissy fits.

In a bacon-free world, Swanson would not care for a vegan alternative.

Maybe if he stopped eating all the bacon (and eggs) at every diner, bacon shortage would not be an issue.

When there are no eggs, Swanson finds other accompaniments for bacon, such as shrimp (his No. 3 favorite food) and turkey.




GIF via badtvblog.com

As it turns out, Nick Offerman cares just as much about bacon as the character he portrays.

If there’s one thing the Internet may love more than bacon, however, it’s bacon GIFs. 

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