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14 expensive products stupidly destroyed for viral videos

Oh, the humanity!


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Posted on May 10, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 9:11 pm CDT


Before purchasing a new gadget, it’s perfectly normal to turn to the Internet and read reviews. The good news is, there are plenty of people out there who have put their gadgets to the test so that we know what to expect if we accidentally drop our phones or, you know, throw them out a window.

But at what point are people just destroying perfectly good items for the sake of viral video potential? Here are some of the many items that have been stupidly sacrificed in the name of nothing more than shock value.

1) 24K gold iPhone 6

It hurts to watch this guy destroy a 24K gold iPhone in hopes of going viral. Is there ever a time when a chef’s knife would be dragged across the back of an expensive iPhone by accident? Probably not.

2) Wii Remote

By some standards, the Wii might be considered an old gaming console, but that’s no reason to throw a pair of Wii remotes in a blender. Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” series is the ultimate culprit of sacrificing perfectly good technology for a viral video.

3) iPhone 6

When was the last time that you put your phone in a pan of boiling soda? When’s the last time you even boiled soda? Probably never. So why would anyone need to know what happens if you boil your brand new phone in Coca-Cola?

4) Roku player

This Roku player stood absolutely no chance when being shot at with a rifle. And the chances of this exact situation ever happening in real life are slim to none.

5) Nokia 3310

Similar to the “Will It Blend?” series, “Will It Shred?” attempts to destroy fully functioning items in a shredder—because apparently watching gadgets get pointlessly pulverized is a thing people like.

6) iPad

It’s completely reasonable to make a video demonstrating how an iPad survives a 15 foot fall, but a fall from outer space? You have to be kidding.

7) Epson Ink Jet printer

What’s even worse than sacrificing a perfectly good item for a viral video? When it fails to reach that viral status—making it even harder to watch.

8) MacBook

Nooooooooooooooo! Steve Jobs is probably turning over in his grave right now.

9) Microwave

Usually we come across people blowing things up inside a microwave, not blowing up the actual microwave. Regardless of what’s getting destroyed, there’s no logical reason. We dare you to try and find one.

10) Carhartt pants

We’re really at a loss for words with this one. We tried to think of why someone would need to know how much force it would take to rip apart a pair of Carhartt pants, and we came up empty.

11) Mercedes CLK toy car

Lighting a toy car on fire is at the top of the list of baffling ideas for a viral video. All we can say is: At least they’re not burning a real Mercedes.

12) Xbox One

It’s mind-boggling how some people can claim what they’re doing is a test. Is it not already obvious that pouring gasoline on an Xbox One and then throwing a lit match on it will make it go up in flames?

13) A lemon

YouTuber “Electric Experiments Roobert33″ acknowledged that his video was “only for vision and curiosity.” Which is just another piece of proof that perfectly nice things are often abused for the purposes of a viral video.

14) Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may be more durable than expected, but why test out its durability in a blender? Testing how it survives a fall or even if it’ll still work after being submerged in water seems like a logical torture test, but blending it? Come on.

Photo via Martin Cathrae/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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*First Published: May 10, 2015, 12:00 pm CDT