Beto can’t leverage his slave owner ancestry to gain Black voters’ trust
If he really cares, he should drop out of the presidential race.
Women tell Burger King manager to ‘go back to Mexico,’ get kicked out
'Our main language is English. Speak your Mexican at home.'
YouTube executive blames his father’s murder for calling police on a Black man
'My father was murdered outside his home by a trespasser who he confronted alone.'
25 Dallas officers under investigation for ‘racist, violent’ Facebook posts
Four of the officers are now on administrative leave.
This white man blames his autism for his anti-Blackness—and that’s complicated
A video of poolside harassment raises questions about intersections of race and neurodiversity.
Woman records police holding Black man at gunpoint in order to ‘save his life’
Here's what the woman who recorded, and possibly saved the man's life, had to say.
Leslie Jones is done with Sephora
Many on Reddit are sharing similar stories.
The feel-good viral hero behind #ItsAboveMe has been canceled
Hotel employee Craig Brooks' viral fame stumbles when users find a history of transphobia.
Netflix’s ‘When They See Us’ ignites call for boycott of prosecutor’s books
Fairstein allegedly tried to 'negotiate' her involvement in the series.
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