Daniel Caesar dons cape for whiteness—and gets canceled
The Grammy-winner defends YesJulz, and picks a puzzling hill to die on.
Colorado’s first openly LGBTQ Black state rep has the best dating profile
The ad finishes with what they could do together.
The Wing’s inclusive, exclusive approach to diversity
Can a luxe, Instagrammable space with membership dues really be accessible to everyone? The Wing is trying.
Restaurant review-bombed after manager called N-word by boss
Even regulars are editing old reviews to one-star.
Fox News host confuses Gayle King and Robin Roberts, then laughs it off
Of course Fox News confused two Black women.
Self-driving cars less likely to spot pedestrians of color, study shows
Another example of the need for diversity in tech.
Twitch star Pokimane responds to second clip of her using the N-word
The first accusation could be written off. But what about this one?
Snapchat video shows teens discussing ‘how to get rid of Black people and Jews’
One said put Black people 'in concentration camps and just bomb them.'
Ilhan Omar is not apologizing this time, and Twitter says #IStandWithIlhan
People say she shouldn't have to apologize for criticizing Israel.
Say hello to Luxe: Fortnite’s first-ever female tier-100 skin
It’s a long-time coming, and reactions to the skin are mixed.
The ‘Green Book’ white-savior Oscar win is the perfect Hollywood meme
Twitter is upset at the unbearable whiteness of 'Green Book.'
This elementary school made students play ‘runaway slave’
Parents are outraged over the incident.
The Twitter accounts taking on journalism’s straight, white, cis male problem
The industry needs diversity now more than ever.
White woman berates Mexican restaurant manager for speaking Spanish
She also called him a rapist, parroting Trump's language.
Woman starts a whites-only yoga club to prove the wrong point about racism (updated)
She says she's being excluded from Meetups because of her race.
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