#PermitPatty goes viral for calling police on 8-year-old Black girl selling bottled water
The white woman’s profession? Selling marijuana products for pets.
Netflix boots communications chief for using the N-word twice
Friedland demonstrated 'unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity,' said CEO Reed Hastings.
The internet is disgusted by Mike Huckabee’s newest racist tweet
Huckabee continues his disturbing trend.
Congresswoman’s plan to reunite families separated at the border: 23andMe
Representative Speier hopes the DNA testing company will do what the government won’t.
This is what will happen to the 2,300 children already separated from their parents
The Trump administration had no reunification procedure to begin with.
Police killing of another unarmed Black teen sparks anger, protests
Video shows the officer shooting at the teen three times in the back.
‘We will continue to fight’: The Family Separation Protest is still on for June 30
Trump's executive order hasn't changed a thing, say organizers.
Portlanders surround ICE office in days-long protest
Protesters say they have blocked employees 'from returning home to their families.'
Waves of shock and grief rock the internet over ‘tender age shelters’ at the border
One expert described the facilities as, ‘government sanctioned child abuse.’
Corey Lewandowski mocks 10-year-old immigrant with Down syndrome: ‘Womp, womp’
The internet wants to 'womp, womp' on the former Trump campaign chief.
The case for abolishing the Department of Homeland Security
ICE is terrible, but DHS is its wasteful, inhumane counterpart.
White woman evokes ‘slavery wasn’t that bad’ narrative to argue for Confederate-named park
Yes, please go on, tell us how it was for Black slaves, present-day white woman.
Trump’s proclamation decrying America’s history of slavery falls extremely flat
Let's just say his praise of equality rings a little hollow.
Jeff Sessions makes weak explanation for why U.S. border situation isn’t Nazi Germany
He offered a flippant response to the trauma of thousands.
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