FaceApp is ‘deeply sorry’ for its skin-whitening ‘hot’ filter
The latest face-morphing craze has a few problems to work out.
New Orleans workers are receiving death threats for removing Confederate monuments
4 statues honoring white supremacy are scheduled to come down.
Officer who tackled, hit a black man for jaywalking is now on leave
'Oh my God, why you hitting him like that?' a witness recalls.
Officer stomps on the head of a handcuffed black man in disturbing video
The involved officer was recently under investigation in the shooting death of another black man.
‘ICE is everywhere’: Social media rumors stoke fears for undocumented immigrants
Facebook posts warning about ICE raids may be doing more harm than good.
Teacher fired for asking students to take a questionable ‘diversity’ survey
Kids were asked to answer how 'comfortable' they felt around young black men and people with HIV.
Pepsi and Kendall Jenner co-opt Black Lives Matter in new commercial—and people are pissed
This is what happens when we call protesting the 'new brunch.'
Officers pose as Black Lives Matter protesters, access private texts
A new report shows how deeply NYPD went undercover to investigate BLM.
Toddler politely shuts down cashier who questions her choice in dolls
'I'm a pretty girl, and she's a pretty girl.'
Trump’s slashed 2020 Census budget could mean not all Latinos, blacks will be counted
An inaccurate count could mean a lack of access to public services.