Memphis police used fake Facebook profile to spy on Black activists
One protester was arrested after interacting with the account.
Hospital fires man for calling donut shop employee the N-word
The man says he was 'upset about another issue and it spilled over.'
Keep mayo’s name out of your screed about white obsoletion
Millennials did not kill mayonnaise—but boomers are scared their relevancy is dead.
Tex-Mex restaurant goes dark on social media after Jeff Sessions photo upsets customers
Customers called for a boycott after the owner said serving the attorney general was an 'honor.;
Twitter makes fun of the quiet fart that was Unite the Right 2
Here are some fresh anti-fascist memes to start your Monday right.
Heather Heyer’s mother makes heartbreaking speech on anniversary of daughter’s death
'I hope no other mother has to go what I went through.'
Twitter suspends alt-right group Proud Boys, founder Gavin McInnes
'We'll always come back,' said the Proud Boys founder.
The murder of Nia Wilson and the normalization of Nazis in the public square
White supremacists aren't backing down—and Wilson's murder and UTR2 prove that.
Black senator gets cops called on him for opposing Trump
This is next-level cop-calling nonsense.
Clerk calls cops on Black student for being ‘arrogant’ while buying candy
'The first thing that popped in my mind absolutely was just discrimination.'
Black church leaders betrayed the community long before they cozied up to Trump
We have come a long way from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
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