This one perfect tweet shows you what Congress would look like if it were emoji
The emoji version of the 116th Congress is 👌.
Man shouts ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ in the middle of musical performance
People reportedly began to run, fearing another mass shooting.
White women wear hoodies to mall to test if dress code targets Black men
They were not kicked out, unlike the group of Black teens who did the same.
Professors are policing Black bodies in classrooms, too
Add this biology prof to the list of white women calling the cops on Black people for no good reason.
Black teen accused of stealing while doing psychology assignment on race
This experiment took a depressing, scary turn.lor.
‘GQ’ under fire for putting ‘woman’ in quotation marks in regards to Serena Williams
The magazine has a reason, but many still feel it's a weird decision.
Black security guard who stopped bar shooting killed by police arriving on the scene
'They basically saw a Black man with a gun and killed him,' said one witness.
High school prom photo shows large group giving Nazi salute
The school reportedly has an ongoing problem with racism.
Black teen arrested for wearing a hoodie in a mall
The Black man who recorded the incident was arrested as well.
The Afro-Latinx movement for natural hair is happening on Instagram
It's time to end the notion of 'pelo malo,' or bad hair.
White men: Look in the mirror before criticizing white women voters
White men love criticizing everyone but themselves.
‘Dónde votar’ tops Google searches, signaling Latinx people are ready to vote
After two years of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy, Latinx people want their voices heard.
Rebel Wilson blocks enough Black people to start a hashtag
She did not take well to Black people pointing out their erasure.
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