Trump officials withheld abortion from raped migrant teen
Instead, she went to a facility that gave her Bible verses and 'appropriate drawings to color.'
Report: Black women receive way more abusive tweets than white women
Amnesty International report shows alarming disparities.
2018 was the year the ‘alt-right’ failed
What the movement lost in rally turnout, it gained in debts and Twitter bans.
Parents shocked by KKK costumes in school play
'The KKK walked into my kid's school Friday and I didn't get to stop it.'
10 bigots and creeps who got what they deserved in 2018
When bad things happen to bad people, it’s hard not to smile.
Family says racist bullying led to 9-year-old’s suicide
The bullying was reportedly about her friendship with a white boy.
Columbia University student goes on white supremacy rant in viral video
'White people are the best thing that happened to the world.'
Facebook touts new hate-speech technology, but users still post about shooting immigrants
More than 75 percent of the posts reviewed were aimed at migrant caravans.
The beauty in the in-between: Reclaiming my multi-dimensional identities
Because I'm 'passing,' my identities are at times privileged and at times oppressed.
Holocaust scholar’s office defaced with swastikas at Columbia University
The professor believes the crime is part of a 'changing culture' and rise in anti-Semiticism.
Black man assists drunk neighbor home, gets arrested
Police are now looking into his arrest.
Departing Facebook employee says company has ‘a black people problem’
He says Facebook is failing its Black employees and users.
‘This is not who we are’ meme wants you to realize this is exactly who America is
Care to share what America you've been living in where this *doesn't* happen?
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