22 million fewer Americans would have healthcare under Senate bill, CBO finds
The number of Americans without health insurance dropped just one million compared to the House version of the bill.

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Austin band Dream Machine dropped from label following ‘ugly opinions’ on immigration, feminism
'[W]e know in our hearts that we aren't racists or fascists.'
In Trump’s America, racism on gay dating apps is getting worse
Slurs, threats, and rejection are driving many people of color to retreat further into romantic defeat and isolation.
New heartbreaking footage shows Philando Castile’s fiancé handcuffed, her daughter crying after shooting
It was also revealed today that the smell of weed was what caused the officer to fear for his life and shoot.
Police dashcam footage reveals moments before Philando Castile died
The officer who shot him was acquitted last week.
The assault and murder of a Muslim teen is not being investigated as a hate crime
Nabra Hassanen was taking a break between Ramadan prayers when she was allegedly kidnapped and beaten with a bat.
Community wants answers after pregnant black mother is shot by police
Charleena Lyles had called the police to report a burglary.
Elizabeth Banks blasts Steven Spielberg, forgets about ‘The Color Purple’
Banks expressed her frustration with Hollywood and the lack of female protagonists.
Southern Baptists want nothing to do with ‘alt-right white supremacy’
'It was the white people who said, no we will not take this sitting down.'
Ice Cube sets Bill Maher straight on the N-word
'It feel like that knife stabbing me, even if they don’t mean it.'
Body cam data proves cops are nicer to white people in traffic stops
Respect is apparently granted based on race.
Bill Maher said the N-word and people are rightfully pissed
Hardly anyone is surprised by Bill Maher's comment.
Tourist finds noose at the National Museum of African American History and Culture
This is the second time in less than a week this has happened at a Smithsonian Institution.
Refugee app used by more than 400 aid organizations was created in a single weekend
The app became available in the U.S. after Trump issued a travel ban on 6 Muslim-majority countries.
Clarence Thomas breaks with conservatives to rule against racial gerrymandering
The ruling will likely influence gerrymandering litigation across the South.