White woman berates Mexican restaurant manager for speaking Spanish
She also called him a rapist, parroting Trump's language.
Woman starts a whites-only yoga club to prove the wrong point about racism
She says she's being excluded from Meetups because of her race.
Venmo is flagging payments that mention ‘Persian’
Venmo says some words 'trigger' regulatory alarms.
I worked with the migrant caravan—and Trump is the cause of his national emergency
This is a humanitarian crisis of Trump's own making.
Women sue border patrol for detaining them for speaking Spanish
An agent admitted they wouldn't have been detained for speaking French.
Rapper killed by police while sleeping in car outside a Taco Bell
Willie Bo had a large Instagram following.
Gucci somehow thought this blackface sweater was OK
The fashion label has since apologized.
2019’s new emoji bring representation and accessibility
People with disabilities are celebrating the new emoji.
The targeting of 21 Savage is a common story for Black immigrants
When we talk about harassment and deportation, we often forget about immigrants with Black skin.
People remain confused and upset by Liam Neeson’s racist revenge plot
He described seeking out a random Black person to fight after a close friend was raped by a Black person.
The intersection of racism and homophobia in the Jussie Smollett attack has been underplayed
Call racism, homophobia, and hate crimes what they are.
Vogue, once again, misidentifies women of color
It mistook 'Crazy Rich Asian' actresses for other famous Asian-Americans.
Bernie Sanders may run in 2020 after ‘heartening’ polls with Black and Latino voters
Voters of color, meanwhile, point to his dismissive comments about race.
Florida politician resigns after photo shows him dressed as Katrina victim in blackface
He was just appointed secretary of state weeks ago.
Gina Rodriguez cries over being called anti-Black, gets dragged for ‘fake tears’
'How she wiped off that invisible tear and looked at it!'
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