Police handcuff brown man at subway station for carrying a toy gun
Cops put the man in handcuffs and took him from the subway.
Muslim girls are making fun of Islamophobia in viral TikTok videos
Their videos are ascending them to TikTok stardom.
Amtrak employee asked a NAACP lawyer to move from her train seat
She was asked to move without justification over the MLK weekend.
Antique store blasted for selling ‘white only’ signs
The store is selling a variety of racist signs.
Camila Cabello must do more about her racist history
Her apology was hollow. But she has a chance to make it right.
Democratic debate teaser mocked for its whiteness
Pete Buttigieg's height was even altered in the image.
The Nicki Minaj wax figure looks very Caucasian—and fans aren’t happy
Fans blast Madame Tussauds for whitewashed display.
The internet is taking shots at Chet Hanks for his cringey Golden Globes moment
Chet Hanks is no stranger to his controversial use of Black slang.
James Charles accused of using the N-word in New Year’s Eve video
The beauty vlogger has forcefully denied it.
Racist calls flood Barnard College’s phones after Tessa Majors slaying
Authorities have said the messages are 'viciously racist.'
New Mexico Sheriff posts Instagram with hand sign linked to white supremacy
He denies the gesture was anything more than a game.
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