White nationalist group plans to protest Knoxville’s Women’s March
March organizers are working with police to ensure people's safety.
Sorority member expelled from school after racist Instagram rant
She was also booted from Alpha Phi.
To Trump, Black people are the real racists
The president has a long history of speaking against Black identity.
Yes, Robert E. Lee Day is still a thing—and it’s celebrated today in 2 states
It's time to stop honoring the Confederate general—especially on a day that's about civil rights.
How Martin Luther King Jr. showed me my faith could be a kind of activism
Since churches don't speak up enough against racism, I turn to MLK.
Protesters trash H&M stores in South Africa over ‘monkey’ hoodie
Videos show protesters singing, dancing, and tearing down racks in protest of the racist image.
Ex-Google engineer says execs discouraged pro-diversity debate
The former employee quit out of fear.
Disabled student of color suspended by school after being allegedly gang-raped
The school reportedly found the incident 'consensual.'
Rachel Dolezal remakes H&M’s ‘monkey’ hoodie, still offends people
It's a 'protest' that goes straight into her pocket.
Federal judge says decision to kill DACA was ‘improper,’ orders Trump to restart program
Ironically, Trump's tweets helped support the judge's injunction.
‘White Racism’ class angers white people, police monitor class as a precaution
The class will discuss challenging systems of white supremacy.
Kansas rep thinks Black people are genetically predisposed to smoking weed
You can find this argument in Racism 101.
H&M apologizes for ad featuring Black boy in ‘coolest monkey’ hoodie
Twitter users slammed the Swedish clothing retailer for its racist choice.
Black writer says he was nearly shot by police while shopping for conditioner
His noise-canceling headphones drowned out the officers' commands.
Why short-term jail sentences are particularly damaging to mothers
Women are the fastest-growing population to be incarcerated—and the effects are far-reaching.
The next American Girl doll of the year is a person of color who wants to go to Mars
American Girl even consulted with NASA for this project.
Makeup artist re-envisions Disney princesses with an Indian spin
Desi princesses are best Disney princesses, tbh.
Twitter slams Los Angeles Times for cover featuring only white women
'I’m trying to think how this photo could be whiter but I cannot.'
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