Unhoused man asks pedestrian to put their card in handheld card reader after they say they have no cash

‘I would never put my card in that machine’: Unhoused man asks pedestrian to put their card in handheld card reader after they say they have no cash

‘When I was homeless I actually did have a square reader.’

On by Phil West

bartender greenscreen TikTok over cyber attack article with caption 'PLEASE WATCH!!!' (l) Square credit card processing machine on table (c) bartender speaking with caption 'PLEASE WATCH!!' (r)

‘Something’s going on’: Bartender says restaurant’s Square credit card system went down mid-shift. She says it’s a cyberattack

‘What’s really going on?’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Glass tip jar with coins on table (l) square fancy cash register (r)

‘If a tip is essential it should be in the price’: TikToker calls out Square cash registers over tipping option, sparking debate

‘They ask me to tip 1,2 or 3 dollars on a $2 bagel…’

On by Mikael Thalen

Jack Dorsey Square Coronavirus

Jack Dorsey is donating nearly a third of his net worth to fight coronavirus

Dorsey said after the pandemic, the money will shift toward girls’ health and education and UBI.

On by Andrew Wyrich

twitter ceo jack dorsey

Twitter CEO thinks Bitcoin will be the one currency to rule them all

He previously called blockchain the ‘next big unlock.’

On by Phillip Tracy

bitcoin and square logos

Venmo’s biggest rival now supports buying and selling Bitcoin

Only a small group of customers can use the feature.

On by Phillip Tracy

Square app Twitter fight fart sandwich

The Square app’s Twitter account is sparring with somebody named Fart Sandwich

What an explosive argument.

On by Josh Katzowitz

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Everyone is squatting names on newly launched PayPal.me

Taking Bill Gates’ name doesn’t give you his money.

On by AJ Dellinger

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Android Pay is Google’s latest attempt to launch a mobile-payments revolution

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s just like Apple Pay.

On by Selena Larson

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Amazon announces its mobile payment system, Local Register

The battle for mobile payments has officially begun.

On by Micah Singleton

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I got screwed by Square

I’m posting this as a cautionary tale for anyone who might consider using Square for any larger-scale transactions.

On by [email protected]

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The humble paper receipt as a social platform? Don’t laugh, it’s happening

And it seems like we like it. 

On by Molly McHugh

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