Expert says Chewy is using this trick to steal your information

‘They have literally lied to our customers’: Expert says Chewy is using this trick to steal your information

‘It just doesn’t sit right with me.’

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woman holding phone with 'Teladoc health' logo (l) woman with phone contact in background of man in cowboy hat (r)

‘We can’t even have telehealth appointments’: Woman says Teladoc Health worker stole her contact info to DM her

‘I had a cable guy do the same thing to me.’

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A person pressing a red delete key. In the bottom left corner is a 'Your Password Sucks' column logo in a web_crawlr font.

Y0ur P@ssw0rd S*cks: The best way to remove your personal information online

Removing your data from prominent data brokers can offer you a bit more privacy.

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Security experts pressure Obama to veto CISA, a cybersecurity bill

‘We urge you to again defend privacy and civil liberties.’

On by Eric Geller

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Largest cyberattack in U.S. government history exposed the records of 4 million employees

Uncle Sam gets pwned.

On by Aaron Sankin

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Someone discovered some interesting code in BuzzFeed quizzes

Which data-hoarding BuzzFeed quiz are you?

On by Mike Wehner

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Lonely people share more on Facebook

Friend request denied?

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Homeland Security corruption investigation exposes 5,000 Americans’ personal info

The targets of the investigation may have simply purchased the wrong book.

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Stop all the downloading: Facebook wants your Timeline all to itself

A college math teacher and blogger known as Delta flagged Facebook’s move to keep a little more of your data to itself.

On by Kris Holt

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Man arrested for stealing personal info from most of Greece

A hacker was arrested for possessing (and allegedly trying to sell) a database containing the personal information of 9 million Greek citizens. The population of Greece is roughly 11 million.

On by Kevin Collier

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When will Facebook turn over your private information?

Facebook updates its policies on handing over your data to cops and courts—on the eve of Thanksgiving.

On by Dave Copeland

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