Airpods Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds 2 or Apple AirPods 2: Which are right for you?

To AirPod or not to AirPod? That is the question.

On Dec 9, 2019 by Brooke Sjoberg

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What to do if you’ve lost your AirPods charging case

The AirPods charging case is small and easy to lose. Don't worry, there are a few solutions.

On Nov 12, 2019 by Brooke Sjoberg

Tivoli Fonico

Review: AirPods they’re not, but Tivoli’s Fonico earbuds stay put for a fraction of the price

Tivoli's water-resistant earbuds can't compete with Apple audio, but if you're on a budget, they're definitely worth considering.

On Sep 6, 2019 by David Britton

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The best Airpod alternatives at every price point

Everyone loves Airpods, but not everyone loves the price. Here are a handful of great alternatives to throw in your ears.

On Aug 8, 2019 by John-Michael Bond

airpods on sale

These wireless earbuds are like Apple AirPods, but affordable

Save $137 when compared to Apple's over-priced model.

On Jul 20, 2018 by Jaime Carrillo

wireless earbuds

These high-quality Bluetooth earbuds are on sale for over 25% off

Perfect buds for every single activity.

On Apr 6, 2018 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

water resistant bluetooth earbuds

These waterproof Bluetooth earbuds are perfect workout buddies

Your new go-to buds for any New Year's fitness resolutions.

On Dec 21, 2017 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

Google Pixel Buds on black background

Google introduces its first wireless earbuds

AirPods, meet your match.

On Oct 4, 2017 by Christina Bonnington

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The best wireless earbuds for your budget

Comparing four of the most popular wireless earbuds on the market.

On Sep 2, 2017 by Phillip Tracy

wireless earbuds

These sleek wireless earbuds are $100 less than AirPods

Perfect for working at your desk or working out.

On Jun 19, 2017 by Colette Bennett

wireless earbuds

These wireless earbuds are more than $100 cheaper than AirPods

Perfect for multitasking and working out.

On May 11, 2017 by Colette Bennett

hero true wireless earbuds

These completely wireless earbuds are as tough as it gets

You'd forget they were even there if they didn't sound so good.

On Apr 8, 2017 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

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Play as hard as you want and keep your music close with these wireless earbuds

You'd forget they're even there - except they sound so good.

On Apr 6, 2017 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

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Keep your Apple EarPods and AirPods in place with Earhoox

Now there’s really no excuse not to hit the gym.

On Mar 9, 2017 by The Daily Dot Bazaar

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This guy turned Apple AirPods into plugs for his gauged ears

AirPods don't fit? Try piercing a massive hole in your ear before you return them.

On Dec 21, 2016