ESPN+ Black History Always

At the Daily Dot, the crosshairs of race, social media, and sports are always on our radar. When the weight of the world is on Simone Biles for her activism. When the timeline is livid over Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic ban. When a Karen harasses a couple at a Houston Astros game. When helicopter parents at Little League spark a viral debate about the limits of sportsmanship. When an NFL player makes a controversial TikTok.

These flashpoints are always newsworthy and key coverage in service of our larger mission to dissect internet culture on a daily basis. But in Presser, a part of the ESPN+ Black History Always Collection, we’ll be diving deeper than viral meltdowns. We’ll be spending time with the minority figures shaping society, from creators to activists to amateurs to pros, untangling game-changing new issues and solutions.

These stories come from the web communities we’ve built trust in thanks to 10 years of existing as leading beat reporters for places like Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, Black Twitter, and more recently, TikTok. I’m thrilled to share our findings.

– Ramon Ramirez, News Director

Rhoden’s Road Trip

Award-winning columnist William C. “Bill” Rhoden is the product of a grand HBCU tradition. Rhoden’s collegiate journey began at Morgan State University, where he was a member of the 1968 team that beat Grambling in Yankee Stadium in the Whitney Young Classic. One of the most respected journalists of his generation —spanning nearly four decades— he has witnessed the changing face of HBCUs from their rise to their desire to thrive. Fifty years after that memorable moment at Yankee Stadium, Rhoden, along with the help of the Rhoden Fellows, a team of aspiring HBCU journalists, explore the rich history and culture of HBCU football.

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