What is borg drinking?


What is borg drinking? Controversial trend utilizes gallon-sized jugs for alcoholic concoctions

The well-intentioned drinking trend still has downsides.


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Borg drinking has become a norm in the Gen-Z partying scene. These gallon-size jugs full of their owner’s chosen mixed drink were first praised as responsible. Some Gen-Z drinkers have argued borg drinking can minimize the possibility of spiking beverages, as well as eliminate the sharing of drinks.

However, the drinking trend is a little more complex than what meets the eye.

What does borg stand for?

Borg drinking is the drinking of a “black-out rage gallon,” spelling out B-O-R-G. A lot of borg drinkers like to decorate their gallon to keep track of what’s theirs and show off the personality of their borg.

What’s in a borg?

The drink, made in gallon jugs, typically consists of liquor, a mixer, water, and an electrolyte booster. A traditional borg starts with a water jug specifically and has mixologists leaving a quarter to a half of the water in the gallon and adding other elements from there.

Borg fans believe it can help to fend off dehydration and hangovers. The “recipes” available across social media are countless, but many people make them to their own tastes.

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How is borg drinking different than other big-batch drinks?

The idea of making a large quantity of a drink to enjoy throughout a party is nothing new. The punchbowl of yesteryear involves sharing your beverage, however, which comes with risks. It can be unsanitary at best, especially the way past generations would make these in a big plastic tub, a bathtub, or a sink.

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While borg drinking has a personal element to it and can be considered more hygienic due to not sharing it with others, it’s the amount that one might drink that causes concern.

Is borg drinking dangerous?

Borg drinking might arguably have some hygienic benefits, but it’s not great for you. Many people don’t measure their borg concoctions, which means that there could still be a dangerous amount of alcohol in the drink.

Some recipes suggest adding as much as 1/5th of a bottle of your chosen liquor, which equates to over 15 shots. Most young adults aren’t (and shouldn’t be) consuming that amount on a given night out. For these reasons alone, borg drinking can become dangerous quickly.

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There’s also an element of peer pressure that those who aren’t for borg drinking point out. The amount a person drinks throughout the night is visible to other people they are with. You may drink more quickly in an effort not to carry around a heavy gallon for a long day or night of partying. Some borgs also include caffeine, which adds more danger and almost cancels out the hydration efforts.

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