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Kajabi unveils Creator Studio, an AI tool that can create over 40 pieces of content in seconds

Kajabi announced the tool in partnership with Adobe Express.


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Mar 13, 2024


Today, in collaboration with Adobe Express, creator commerce platform Kajabi publicly launched Creator Studio AI. Creator Studio is a generative AI tool that can turn a single video into over 40 pieces of marketing content. 

The AI tool can take a video and auto-generate various posts, including community announcements, social media clips, emails, and mini-courses.

The Creator Studio beta launched in May 2023. Since then, Kajabi claims creators have made over 50,000 pieces of content using the tool. Moving forward, Kajabi estimates that creators using the tool will save 20 hours of work a month.  

Creator Studio is fully integrated with the Adobe Express AI powered editing suite. The suite allows creators to trim and edit videos along with other AI-powered text effects, images, and animations. Through Adobe, Kajabi will also grant the user access to royalty-free music.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Kajabi to bring the best of Adobe Express — including social video creation — to creators at a time when content demand is exploding,” Aubrey Cattell, vice president of developer platforms and partner ecosystems at Adobe, said in a press release.

Kajabi representatives told Passionfruit that its AI models train using Open AI’s large language model (LLM). Open AI’s model trains by scraping the internet.

If customers opt-in to using Kajabi’s AI tools, they also automatically opt-in to letting Kajabi use their content and data to train its AI. But Kajabi says there is an opt-out option if you don’t want AI to train off your information.

“In the spirit of transparency, we’ve started holding regular AI AMAs where Kajabi customers to ask questions about our AI models, tools, and anything else AI-related,” a Kajabi representative told Passionfruit. …

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*First Published: Mar 13, 2024, 9:01 am CDT