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Streamer Kai Cenat beats one of the hardest video games in a 167-hour marathon

The marathon attracted a lot of attention and even some controversy.


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After spending 167 hours on stream playing the grim and twisted RPG “Elden Ring,” Twitch streamer Kai Cenat conquered the hardest boss. Trapped in a room decked out in medieval flair with a dragon and Iron Throne, Cenat died in the game over 1,600 times since his start on May 10.

With over 10.5 million Twitch followers, tens of thousands of viewers tuned in over the seven-day marathon to enjoy the chaos. Peak viewership reached a max of approximately 230,000 concurrent live viewers.  

Kai Cenat’s 167-hour Twitch stream

The grind started almost immediately, with Cenat spending over six hours beating the game’s first difficult boss, the Tree Sentinel. Normally, players realize that they are ill-equipped to take on the dreaded knight. But Cenat decided to power through, which was the theme of the entire marathon.

Hour after hour he spent grinding each boss, with some of the most difficult bringing him to tears or leading him to chuck his controller through a window live on camera. 

The stream captured the imagination of gamers on social media. Especially those who have struggled with the incredibly difficult and time-consuming process of beating the game’s bosses.

Viewers on X wrote that his “dedication is insane.” Another said it’s “one of the best feelings a gamer can have.” Compilations of Cenat raging pulled in hundreds of thousands of views in just a couple of days.

After Cenat’s win, many fans on the internet celebrated the victory in their parasocial way. But not everyone felt the same way about Cenat, who has dealt with a fair share of controversies. …

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