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Zack Snyder fans petition Warner Bros. for ‘Justice League’ director’s cut—with fake signatures

Don’t hold your breath for this one.


Sarah Weber


When Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League in May following a family tragedy, some DC fans were less than pleased that Warner Bros. tapped Avengers director Joss Whedon to take his place.

Snyder is known for realizing the dark and gritty superhero universe of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, while Whedon’s style is decidedly more colorful and comical. The studio tried to reassure DC Extended Universe fans that Whedon was merely seeing through post-production and would stay true to Snyder’s vision. But by the time Justice League debuted Nov. 17, Whedon and Warner Bros. had clearly given the film an overhaul. It’s not just visually brighter than Batman v Superman, but it’s also tonally more upbeat. (Whedon got a writing credit on the script.)

While the film was better reviewed than the critically derided Batman v Superman, some Snyder fans felt they got cheated out of seeing Snyder’s version of the film. They’re now circulating a petition to ask Warner Bros. to release a director’s cut that dumps Whedon’s changes.

While the petition is nearing 150,000 signatures, support for a Snyder cut might not be as strong as it appears. Film critic John Campea posted a screenshot to Twitter saying his name was added to the petition without his knowledge, and that he’s not alone. It’s unclear how many of the names on the petition are real.

But even if there is strong demand for a Snyder cut of the film, it might not even be possible. Snyder left the project in the middle of post-production, so even if you went back to his last cut, it’d likely be missing special effects and other major elements. Warner Bros. would have to dump a bunch of money into making the cut watchable for a Blu-ray release—and that’s seriously unlikely given already disappointing box office numbers.


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