Wendy’s defends knowledge of Marvel comics against men on Twitter

Even Wendy isn’t immune to toxic men on Twitter.

Feb 8, 2019, 5:35 pm*

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Eilish O'Sullivan

Wendy from Wendy’s is the purveyor of all things 4 for $4, master of savage Tweets—and apparently, a fan comic books. Sadly, like many female comics fans, Wendy was forced to prove her knowledge to some dudes on Twitter.

It all started when legendary comic book writer Gail Simone innocently inquired about whether Wendy’s prefers Marvel or DC Comics on Twitter. The Wendy’s Twitter account simply responded, “Marvel.”

“Wendy’s you have betrayed us all!!!!!!! How could you!!!!!! You went frozen!!!!” Twitter user Michael Ramos wrote in response.

Wendy replied, “Just stated a preference. All comics are cool.”

“Nah just jumping on a known popular bandwagon,” another man chimed in.

But Wendy’s wasn’t letting the dismissive attitude slide. “You wanna do this?” the brand tweeted. “We got time. Saga is on hiatus. It’s not really bandwagon when you’ve been reading for decades.”

Then came the man quiz: “Ok Wendy’s what are your favorite runs from Marvel? Any current books you like?”

Wendy’s was ready to unpack an obviously deep knowledge of Marvel. “Loved Fraction’s Hawkeye, The Visions, and was super invested in the original Civil War. Anything with Joe Mad art still gives those super nostalgia vibes. Use the app, so a little behind on super current. Always love reading X-Men, and digging Black Panther.”

As any woman has likely experienced, men will constantly test knowledge about a subject when women admit to having an interest in male-dominated subjects (especially sports). Men do this by asking ridiculous questions not even they would know the answers to. And as it turns out, even a brand isn’t even immune to these annoying tactics.

On the bright side, at least one fan thinks this whole Wendy’s, Marvel, and DC Comics ordeal could bring about another crossover between the two Comic giants.

“If @Wendys brings @marvel and @DCComics back together for another crossover, I will cry tears of joy and eat a frosty!” Gail Simone wrote.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2019, 5:34 pm