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Introducing Porgs, the cutest new creatures in the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy

Fall into those precious, giant eyes.


Nahila Bonfiglio


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is bringing new creatures to the big screen, and they are absurdly cute.

Meet the Porgs. Adorable, fuzzy little bird-like creatures that we know almost nothing about, other than, well, we all want one. Now.

Here are the few things we know. The chubby little creatures are native to Ahch-To, the planet Rey traveled to at the end of The Force Awakens to find Luke. The Porgs can be found flitting about the cliffs of the ocean planet’s islands. They build little nests on the cliffsides for their porglets, and due to their isolated environment they’re likely to be more curious than skittish, according to Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm Story Group.

The bird-like critters are achieved through a variety of effects, Hidalgo said. “Sometimes they’re puppets, with the puppeteers digitally removed from the shot. Other times, they’re entirely CG,” he said.

As if we weren’t excited enough about the new movie, now we have these cuties to look forward to. We’re calling it now: Porg will be the Hatchimals of holiday season 2017.


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