What would happen if Ken Burns made Marvel’s ‘Civil War’?

Ken Burns is using his documentarian skills to chronicle another conflict that has divided this nation.

It’s Civil War as you’ve never seen it before. No, it’s not Burns’s actual, award-winning documentary on the Civil War, but rather the battle between two Marvel greats, Captain America and Iron Man, that forced nearly every superhero to pick a side. And its complexity and multiple storylines are perfect for an in-depth documentary.

Information on Captain America: Civil War and what will eventually drive Steve Rogers and Tony Stark apart remains elusive so far, so Patrick H. Williams took the 2006 comic-book event on which the movie is based and made a Ken Burns-esque documentary.

Burns provides his usual, objective narration while he lets text messages, emails, diary entries, and interviews paint the picture of chaos, as all of the heroes (and especially Spider-Man) get caught up in the great war.

We can only imagine how the messages between Steve, Tony, and Bucky will play out when Captain America’s next film is released.

Screengrab via Patrick (H) Williams/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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