Nintendo is bringing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to mobile gaming

Nintendo is expanding its fledgeling mobile gaming catalogue with a new Animal Crossing game.

Announced late Tuesday night via a Nintendo Direct livestream, the gaming company revealed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a new game set to arrive on iOS and Android in late November.

According to Nintendo, “In the first Animal Crossing game for mobile devices, you can interact with animal friends, craft furniture items, and gather resources while managing a campsite.”

You’ll create and customize an avatar, and gameplay includes a lot of appointing your new turf with furniture and decorations. Interactions with animal friends—new in this mobile experience—will challenge you to raise your friendship levels by completing requests and decorating your campsite with their favorite items. Real-life friends (and random player avatars) can also visit.
The game features a map that lets your avatar visit “a beach, a forest, a river, and an island,” so don’t worry about being locked into your campsite. The game is free to download, but expect in-app purchases for Leaf Tickets, which can be earned in-game or bought with actual money to get materials and speed up item-crafting. Nintendo plans to introduce seasonal events with special items to help maintain interest in the game.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp joins Super Mario Run—which broke records in its first day in the App Store in December 2016 —in Nintendo’s mobile lineup.


Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber is the former editor of Daily Dot’s Parsec section, where she wrote about geek culture. She previously worked as a reporter and editor at community newspapers in the Midwest and was recognized by the Ohio Associated Press for news reporting.