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‘Why are you remembering me?’: Zaxby’s worker mocks customers who order daily

‘I really need to stop my bank statements are embarrassing.’


Angela Littlefield


A Zaxby’s worker has gone viral on TikTok for mocking customers who order from the fast food chain daily.

TikTok creator Kel (@weluvkelvin) posted the viral video on March 6. As of March 15, the video grossed over 270,000 views and 45,300 likes.

In the video, Kel stood in a Zaxby’s drive-thru in his uniform. The text overlay read, “It’s fine you can still order it’s just the fact you come thru here every day that weirds me out.”


litterly , but i love my regualrs soemtimes

♬ I been drinking – Rea

In the comments section, viewers shared which restaurants they visit daily and expressed concern about being recognized or judged by the employees.

“Me at McDonald’s, I know they tired of seeing me but I got points to earn,” one user wrote.

“I was just thinking to myself ‘damn what if they remember me,’” a second shared.

“Lol at Chick-fil-A they know my name before I even order,” another commented. 

Other viewers shared their strategy to avoid being judged by the workers.

“Listen this why ion go to the same one cus y’all not finna clock me like this,” one viewer wrote.

“That’s why i’m on doordash,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kel (@weluvkelvin) via TikTok comment.

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