Worker says she was fired after a month for not interacting with customers enough

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‘I never want any employee interacting with me’: Worker says she was fired after a month for not interacting with customers enough

‘They didn’t even give me a chance to show them I can do better.’


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Posted on Jan 25, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 11:06 am CST

A boutique worker posted a viral TikTok saying she was fired after a month for not interacting with customers enough. 

Natalie (@natalieulwelling) has reached over 5.5 million views and 649,000 likes on her video by Thursday. She captioned her video, “storytime rant therapy session video.”

At the start of her video, Natalie says, “I just got fired from one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had, and I’ve literally only been there a month.” 

She then says the reason she got fired “doesn’t even make sense.” 

Natalie says she arrived at the boutique after being called in for a meeting, during which her managers told her she wasn’t interacting with the customers enough. 

“They were watching the cameras, and they want someone who interacts with the customers,” she adds.

To this, Natalie says she told her managers she understands and will start doing more.

“I feel like that’s an easy fix,” she says, “and then they’re like, ‘I just feel like we should part ways.'” 

Natalie says even though she was shocked, she kind of expected it because she had been called in for a meeting. 

“But I thought they were gonna give a warning or something,” she adds. “It’s a boutique; it’s not a corporate office.”

 Natalie says she did not expect to get fired on the spot. She believes she is “open to critique” and says she always wants to do her best. 

“It’s a sales job as well,” she adds. “I want to learn more about that. I loved the job.” 

Natalie says she told her managers she wished she had known about the issue a few shifts prior because she considers it “an easy fix.” 

“I’m a great candidate for this job,” Natalie adds. “I can just go interact with customers more. Like, I can do that!”

Natalie says the days she worked were really slow, so when customers came in, it was “the highlight of the working day.”

She admits it’s frustrating to her because the manager reportedly told her, “Not everyone is a people person, and sometimes it’s hard for people to get over that hump.”

This frustrated Natalie because she says that’s not her. “I used to be socially awkward, but now I’ve never felt more confident in myself and talking to people,” she says.

“I know for a fact I’m good at making connections,” she adds.

Next, Natalie says some of the manager’s responses didn’t add up to the reason she was being fired. 

“Every question I asked them, they kind of responded with the same thing,” Natalie says. 

“They said one of the other girls said I was doing really good,” she adds. “Like, that was the answer to one of my questions, and they were trying to use that as a justification to why they were letting me go.” 


storytime rant therapy session video

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In conclusion, Natalie says she didn’t waste her time arguing with the managers because “obviously they had made up their decision already.” 

Before ending her video, she says the main thing that bothers her is that they gave her feedback but “didn’t even give me a chance to show them I can do better.”

Viewers in the comments section support Natalie, saying the managers could have handled the situation much better. 

“It’s ironic how they are letting you go because of how you communicate with guests, but they couldn’t communicate with you,” one comment says.

Another says, “They definitely should have given you a warning. Sounds like they are making up a reason to let you go.”

“Like how are you supposed to know if someone doesn’t tell you one ???” another agrees.

Other commenters say that as a customer, they enjoy employees who aren’t too overbearing when providing help.

A comment with over 42,000 likes says, “When I’m shopping I literally DON’T want the employees to interact with me.” 

“A lot of times customers just want to browse without being talked to!” another says.

Natalie did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Jan 25, 2024, 6:00 pm CST