Worker has to work for 2 hours just to afford tampons, pads

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‘I just got done working for $15 an hour’: Woman has to work for 2 hours just to afford tampons, pads

‘I take the free ones from library and mall bathrooms any chance I get.’


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Inflation means higher prices for everyday items and one woman took to social media to show what that means for women and the menstrual hygiene products they depend on.

In a viral TikTok video that has racked up over 406,000 views as of Monday, user J (@jillian.boontjer) lamented the absurd cost of pads and tampons relative to what she makes per hour.

“Just got done working for $15 an hour (before taxes) to buy tampons and pads for $30,” the text overlaid on the clip read.

Inflation is the highest it has been in decades, compounding a problem already faced by women dubbed the “tampon tax” or the “pink tax.” In 22 states across America, there is a sales tax placed on all menstrual hygiene products, however, New York, New Jersey, and Florida have outlawed it.

Now, the price for these products is being driven higher as manufacturing and shipping costs soar. According to a Yahoo! article, the average price of tampons in 2022 was over 10% compared to the previous year. And prices have only continued to surge.

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It prompted activists to launch “The Tampon Tax Back Coalition.” The initiative was started in May of 2023 to bring companies together to reimburse their customers for the taxes they paid for feminine hygiene products. Consumers simply sign up on the app, upload their receipts, and get the taxes they paid on the item reimbursed. So far companies including August, Cora, DIVA, Here We Flo, The Honey Pot, LOLA, Saalt, and Rael are participating.

In the comments section, many TikTokers could relate to the woman’s shock and outrage over the current price of pads and tampons.

“I just got off BC this year and walked thru the isle for the first time in years,” one user wrote. “When I tell you I was in SHOCK.”

Others admitted that they have sought other, more affordable options.

“The worst is being in poverty with a heavy flow, always had to put tons of toilet paper as my pad,” another user said.

“Maaaaan, I jus get a big ol bag of Depends,” user @KiKi_206 admitted. “That shyt last me a good 2 almost 3 cycles for 15 bucks.”

And for some women, the choice to look for cheaper alternatives made them discover a lesser-known, more environmentally friendly product.

“I invested in a period cup,” user Bunny wrote. “I was scared but I ended up liking it more than tampons.”

“My $7 amazin period cup has lasted 4 years!” another user agreed.

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