Women pay $800 for Coachella camping preferred parking pass


‘800 f*cking buckaroonies for that little piece of paper’: Women pay $800 for Coachella camping parking pass

‘Why wouldn’t you just get a hotel or Airbnb at that point?’


Brooke Sjoberg


Two Coachella attendees who waited until the last moment to purchase their preferred parking permit for the event found themselves paying double the $400 fee to camp in their car.

The Indio, California music festival is known for being a pricey event, with companies even risking fake tickets for promotion through influencers. But $400 for parking alone raised the eyebrows of many viewers.

The pair shared their misfortune on TikTok, drawing over 1.9 million views as of Friday. Posted by @ysabellewallace, the video shows the pass, which is no larger than a playing card.


coachella weekend 1 car camping pass has been secured….

♬ original sound – ysabelle

“Guess how much this is worth?” the poster asks viewers. “$400. But guess how much we paid? $800 fucking buckaroonies for that little piece of paper.”

The other woman says, “It’s always a gamble waiting until the last minute. Sometimes you get a good deal, sometimes you don’t. This time, not a good deal.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @ysabellewallace via email regarding the video.

The price shocked viewers, with one even asking if the car would be able to attend the music festival given the exorbitant price for camping in one’s car.

“$800,” one commenter wrote. “Is the car going to Coachella GA too?”


“Me here freaking out about my plane ticket to Europe this summer meanwhile people out here paying 800 for parking,” a commenter wrote.

Others questioned the worthiness of attending the festival when one parking option alone is $400.

“It’s insane how expensive these festivals are getting like damn,” a viewer shared.

“Out of all four EDCs I have been to I’ve never paid more than $1000 for the WHOLE FIVE DAY TRIP,” another user wrote.

“Can someone explain to me why they make these event?” a commenter said. “And why do people go is it really worth it?”

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