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‘When you go home at night, don’t turn your lights on immediately’: Woman shares PSA for women who live in apartments alone

‘It is so sad that we have to think about such things.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A woman’s public service announcement for women who live alone when they are going home for the night has drawn over 3 million views on TikTok as of Saturday.

In the video, Mary Alice (@heyitsmaryalice) tells fellow women who live solo not to turn their lights on as soon as they get into their apartments for the evening.

“…If someone’s following you home, they’re gonna know what apartment you live in,” she explains. She then shares her own story where she decided to keep the lights off as soon as she entered her apartment.

Mary Alice says she was coming home to her apartment building and getting out of her car when a strange man that she didn’t know tried to engage with her about a headlight that was out on her vehicle.

Once she was inside her apartment, she didn’t turn the lights on. However, she says she watched the man wait in the street facing her apartment complex on her Ring camera for around five minutes.

@heyitsmaryalice im so tired of feeling like prey !! my lights are only on in my bathroom now becauase its the only room i have with no windows #creepy #creepystory #womensafety #womensafetytips #storytime #scarystory #stalker #menarescary #apartmentsafety ♬ original sound – mary alice 🤍

“So now he knows what car I drive, and where I live, just not my apartment,” she says. “So, don’t turn your lights on.”

In her caption, she also wrote that the only light in her apartment that she had on was her bathroom because it did not have windows. The Daily Dot contacted Mary Alice via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

Some viewers thanked Mary Alice for sharing the tip, as many women might not think to do this when going home for the night.

“Amazing advice, that I guarantee so many don’t think about…I didn’t until you said something!” one commenter wrote. “Thank you!”

“This is so smart definitely adopting this but also I’m scared someone will already be home waiting in the dark for me,” another viewer said.

“Wow never thought about this,” another echoed. “Getting blackout curtains for the side of your apartment where it’s visible from the street is also a good idea!”

Others suggested light timers, to give those on the outside the impression that someone is always home.

“Get timers for your lamps and radios,” a user suggested. “You can make it look like you don’t live alone.”

“I have lights on timers,” another commenter wrote. “They are already on, highly suggest the same for anyone who lives alone.”

“We have a lot of our lamps connected to our Alexa,” a user said. “If you have Alexa or Google, get smart bulbs or plugs & turn lights on while you’re in your car.”

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