Woman says she got rejected during job interview because she wasn’t ‘passionate’ about the job. She was applying to be a receptionist

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‘You want me to lie to you?’: Woman says she got rejected during job interview because she wasn’t ‘passionate’ about the job. She was applying to be a receptionist

'Can we all agree interviews have been extra lately?'


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Posted on Feb 3, 2024   Updated on Feb 3, 2024, 10:22 am CST

On TikTok, numerous users have documented the treacherous experience of being unemployed.

Some users have recounted their experience of being laid off with no notice. Others have shown how the jobs they were given verbal offers for were eliminated before they could even start. A further user even alleged that, after applying for around 1,800 jobs and receiving about 430 interviews, she learned that over 120 of the companies for whom she interviewed were currently having a hiring freeze—a claim that led some to reference the idea of ghost jobs

Although unemployment has remained consistent at around 3.7% in recent months, that doesn’t mean the unemployed are having an easy time finding work.

Recently, TikTok user Sophini (@soweenie) went viral after venting her frustrations about the current job market, describing herself as “f*cking pissed” about her current situation. Her video currently has over 3.1 million views as of Saturday.

“I just had an interview, and I know that b*tch is not going to call me back because I can’t sit here and pretend like I’m passionate about being a f*cking receptionist,” she explains. “You think when I was a kid and people were like, ‘Oh, what do you want to be when you grow up?’ I was like, ‘I want to be a receptionist. I want to be a server.’ You think I f*cking said that? Absolutely not.”

“I need a f*cking job, b*tch. You know what it is,” she continues. “You want me to lie to you? Do you want me to lie to you and say I’m passionate? I can’t do it.”

In the comments section, users shared her sentiment.

“Been unemployed for 6 months, I skipped like 5 interviews because I knew the jobs would make me miserable,” said a user.

“Can we all agree interviews have been extra lately,” asked another. “They said hiring immediately then say it’s a 4 step process and a quiz and a trial.”

“Like who is passionate about being on the phone,” questioned a third.


I’m just a girl!!!!!

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A few also recounted their experiences of interview honesty—with mostly negative results.

“I had an interview at underamor and when they asked why I wanted to work there I said. Well I’m just looking for a job,” stated a commenter. “He looked at me like I was crazy.”

“I once tried to get a job with an insurance company and they asked me why I wanted the job. I said that I believe it would be a good career opportunity and that it paid well,” recalled a further TikToker. “After another 1-2 questions, Dude basically said ‘so you’re basically in it for the money.’ LIKE YEAH! IVE BEEN JOBLESS FOR 4 MONTHS NOW, I NEED MONEY.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sophini via TikTok direct message.

Update 10:21am CT, Feb. 3, 2024:

In a TikTok direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Sophini offered her thoughts on why the video connected with so many people.

“I think a lot of people like myself are just tired of pretending we are passionate about our jobs just because we need to work in order to survive,” she wrote. “Especially with the inflation being so bad and the job market being just as terrible, a lot of us are barely making it by and even settling for jobs that we hate to make ends meet. If we could all go for what we TRULY are passionate about and make good money doing so, we would — but unfortunately, a lot of us just don’t have the privilege to be able to take risks.”

For those who first gained employment in earlier generations, she added, “[we] did not grow up in the same world. If I could live off of $14/an hour like you could in your day, I would have a much better attitude about being a receptionist.”

To conclude, she offered some advice for those who are experiencing unemployment: “The only thing I can say is some doors close so that others may open, and keep going.”

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2024, 10:00 am CST