Discount Tire worker shares what time it’s actually quiet

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‘I have never in my life seen a Discount Tire here in Texas not packed literally all day’: Discount Tire worker shares what time it’s actually quiet

‘Pov: 0 cars down with 10 techs chilling.’


Marlin Ramos


Discount Tire is a one-stop place for all your tire needs, and you’ll almost always find it busy with tons of customers. However, one Discount Tire worker shares a hack that might just bring down your waiting time.

In the video, Discount Tire worker Ivan (@thick.ivan) pans around an empty store. Several work stations are seen car-less and there aren’t any recognizable customers standing around. The camera then shows a group of three workers chatting and giving each other advice. The text overlay on the video states, “Aint nothing better like a dead asf Tuesday at Discount Tire.”

The video has 3,428 likes and 131,100 views.

Some viewers in the comments are shocked to see the store so empty since many of their experiences have been the exact opposite.

“When I used to work there my location was constantly packed,” says one former worker.

“Damn I have never in my life seen a discount tire here in Texas not packed literally all day long,” mentions a customer.

When is the best time to go to Discount Tire?

Perhaps Tuesdays are the chillest day of the week to get your tires fixed. Several tire workers from the store and from other companies commented on this day saying their store was also calm.

“same at valvoline lmao,” says one comment.

“Same at ford dealer today spent probably 2 hours this morning on my phone,” says another.

“Same here ☠️everyone standing around just chillin even the techs,” mentions another comment.

Several blogs including one for Jeep Wranglers also mention Discount Tire often being super busy and even some of the reviews on Discount Tire’s very own website.

@thick.ivan Shii im sayin until they send someone home 😭 #fyp #foryoupage #dreamjob #classof2023 #educators #mechanic #tireshop #tires #discountire #americastires #tiress #influencer #views #fypp ♬ original sound – Ivan

However, it seems that the store does have its moments that aren’t super busy as Ivan posted another video showing viewers just how empty the store was again with the text overlay, “Pov: 0 cars down with 10 techs chilling.” It is unclear what day of the week this video created. This video has 1.1 million views.

While this video doesn’t prove that Tuesdays are always calm at Discount Tire, it might be worth trying your luck. The Daily Dot has reached out to Ivan for comment via TikTok message and comment and to Discount Tire via email.

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