Woman shares what not to do at the gas station that can accidentally lead to an explosion

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‘I was today years old when I learned this’: Woman shares PSA on what not to do when pumping gas

'It could literally blow you up.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on May 8, 2023

A TikToker’s PSA about safety measures while pumping gas has drawn over 1.8 million views and triggered a debate among viewers about the safest practices.

In her video, model and content creator Nicki Andrea (@nicki_andrea) says she was advised by a man at a Costco gas station to touch a piece of metal—like the outside of her car—to get rid of static before taking the gas pump handle out of her car.

“He said, ‘just be careful, I just want you to know, the friction from you moving around—this can happen in dry environments—and something about like the static that you produce when you’re getting out of the car, moving around, touching things,'” she says in the video. “‘Make sure you always touch something metal with both hands before you touch the nozzle because that static can cause a spark that can produce an electrical fire and it could literally blow you up.'”

Nicki says she had never heard the advice before, but advisories warning consumers to be aware of static are commonly posted at gas stations across the country. According to the American Petroleum Institute, fires caused by static at gas stations are highly unusual, but far from impossible.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Nicki via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

@nicki_andrea I was today years old when I learned this and I’ll never forget it #static #electricalfire #gaspump #gasexplosion #SeeHerGreatness #fyp ♬ original sound – Nicki Andrea

Several viewers were concerned about the way the TikToker says she waits for her tank to fill, sitting in her car with the engine off.

“You should never leave the pump period!!” one commenter wrote. “Could be so dangerous.”

“It literally says this all over the pump and station not to get back in your car,” another claimed.

“Never re-enter your car when pumping gas,” a third urged. “You will create static again as you get in and out. Just pump and go.”

Others shared that they also waited in their car while pumping gas, had never done anything differently, and had no plans to change their habits.

“I can’t not sit in my car while my gas is pumping I literally RUN in and lock my doors I’m so scared of getting kidnapped,” one user commented.

“There’s a lot of ppl clearly not from the north in the comments lol but I didn’t know this that’s crazy,” another added.

“If you live in CANADA you always go back inside the car!!!” a further commenter said. “It’s fricking cold.”

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*First Published: May 8, 2023, 9:51 am CDT