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‘I can’t even believe these were sold’: Wayfair customer says her mattress is ‘leaking’ fiberglass

‘I have ptsd from dealing with it. I still feel like I have to check every so often.’


Tiffanie Drayton


Wayfair is an online furniture store that sells easy-to-assemble, affordable pieces but sometimes, the company’s products appear to sacrifice quality.

One customer recently found this out the hard way when she bought a mattress from the store. She used social media to highlight her issue with the product.

In a viral video that has over 1.8 million views and over 99,000 likes, TikTok user Bre (@heatherbrephotography) showed viewers the mattress she purchased from the online retailer and alleged it was leaking fiberglass.

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“That’s fiberglass leaking from my bed,” the Wayfair customer explained in the video as she recorded the underside of her mattress through the bed frame. The mattress appears to have shiny bits and pieces hanging from it.

Fiberglass glass is a common material in mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses and mattress covers. The material is used to lower the risk of a mattress combusting should it catch on fire. Made up of a mix of glass and plastic, fiberglass acts as a flame retardant and causes the mattress to melt instead of going up in flames.

Nonetheless, the material can be harmful if a person is directly exposed to it. If released into the environment, it needs to be professionally cleaned as it can become embedded in materials around a home.

“I never removed the cover from my mattress but it’s still leaking out of the bottom,” Bre continued. “And now my room is covered in fiberglass.”

She added that she would have to take a trip to a local store to buy cleaning supplies in order to properly remove the fiberglass from the Wayfair mattress. She said she also intended to remove the mattress.

In the comments section, many TikTokers said they had similar experiences.

“Literally happened to me too, I never removed the cover or anything either,” one user reported. “Had to throw away a ton of yarn I had stored under the bed.”

“My husband took our cover off without knowing and our entire room was contaminated,” another said. “We had to buy a whole new bed and professionally clean our room.”

“This was a nightmare for me,” a third user added. “I have ptsd from dealing with it. I still feel like I have to check every so often.”

“I can’t even believe these were sold. Children sleeping on them … How TF is this legal?!” an appalled commenter asked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bre via TikTok comments and Wayfair by contact form for comment.

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