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‘The industry is crazy’: Photographer says Vogue paid her $300 for a full day of shooting and editing

“‘They’ have been doing this to all creatives for way too long.”


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While the fashion industry may be full of glitz and glam, the wages are often anything but glamorous. 

In 2018, the New York Times published a massive exposé detailing the underpayment rampant in the fashion industry. For example, one woman interviewed in the piece claims the most she’s ever been paid to make a piece was $24—this is despite the fact that many pieces sell for several thousands of Euros. Subsequent reporting from Business of Fashion has backed up many of the findings of this story.

On the editorial side, things aren’t much better. Fashion editorials are frequently unpaid, as the system works as a kind of “exposure economy” in which editorial is meant to serve as an advertisement for the team involved in its creation. The magazine’s endorsement in publishing the piece, then, takes the place of payment.

For those who do actually get paid, it’s nothing to write home about, explains TikTok user Roxy Facer (@roxyfacer) in a video with over 1.1 million views as of Sunday.

@roxyfacer Replying to @Jesus Martinez underwhelming to say the least #editorialphotography #voguephotoshoot #fashionshoot #fashioncinematography #fashionvideography ♬ Prada Casso Edit On Soundcloud – cassö

In the video, Facer says she was paid $300 for a “full day of shooting + editing” for a piece in Vogue Polska, the Polish branch of Vogue. 

“Underwhelming to say the least,” she adds in the caption.

Commenters were in disbelief.

“Don’t let them do you like that anymore. ‘They’ have been doing this to all creatives for way too long,” a user wrote. “That’s insane.”

“This is so so messed up but also so realistic for the industry,” another added.

“Three hundred is insane man,” shared a third. “I charge more than that for MY TIKTOKS.”

However, some were quick to note that wages in Poland are significantly lower than in many other countries, meaning that payment may be lower than one might expect for comparable publications in Western Europe.

“I’m from Poland and I mean they should know but the exchange rate is insane and they probably converted from złoty and that’s reasonable for there,” stated a commenter.

“I feel like people have to keep in mind it’s Vogue Poland,” a second echoed. “Different salaries there. Still insane though.”

Facer later posted a follow-up claiming that Vogue was not happy about her video.


Its gonna be a pass

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In this video, Facer claims that Vogue called her asking to remove her video.

“Its gonna be a pass,” she wrote in the caption.

She also claimed that she had been “blacklisted” in another follow-up.


A self aware queen

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Commenters continued to call out Vogue.

“They’re so embarassed like just pay more if ur so worried about it???” a user questioned.

“Yasss, thank you for sharing. We need transparency as creators in this industry,” declared an additional TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Vogue Polska and Facer via email.

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