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‘What happened to you today? You were late’: Uber Eats customer gets food delivered by a robot. It’s 30 minutes late

'What in the Black Mirror is going on here?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Jul 20, 2023

In a viral video, a model and TikToker shared her experience with getting her food delivered by an Uber Eats robot.

In the clip, Adama Jobe (@aduflexxx) explains that after placing her Uber Eats order, she got a notification letting her know that a delivery robot would be sent with her order.

“At this point they jus trying to stress me out,” the text overlay on the video reads.

The screenshot she included explains that Adama will have to meet the autonomous delivery vehicle outside to get her food and that her tip will not be charged.

@aduflexxx What in the Black Mirror is going on here? #fy #deliveryrobot #ubereats #fyp ♬ original sound – Adama Jobe

“I think the robot is glitching. Clearly someone tried to touch it or something because it was supposed to be here like 3 minutes ago and now the time just keeps adding up,” Adama explains.

In the next clip, viewers see a boxy robot with wheels and LED “eyes” coming toward her.

“What happened to you today? You are late,” Adama says to the robot.

She uses her phone to open the robot’s lid and is able to grab her food from the inside and the robot’s screen lights up with the word “Enjoy!” and an emoji smiley face.

While Adama moves out of the delivery device’s way, it ends up chilling on the sidewalk, not doing anything before pulling away.

“Why it standing there like that?” Adama says. “Guys, she’s still here. Oh and off she goes, goodbye.”

The video has received more than 2.2 million views and nearly 3,700 comments as of Thursday morning.

“What in the Black Mirror is going on here?” the caption read.

The robot comes from a partnership that was piloted last year in West Hollywood between Uber Eats and Serve Robotics, Mashable reported. Serve Robotics is a startup focused on autonomous delivery.

The robot in Adama’s video is one of a 2,000-robot expansion sent out across multiple parts of the United States. In Los Angeles, more than 200 restaurants participate in the Serve partnership. The start-up also has pilot programs with Walmart and Pizza Hut and has worked with 7-Elevens in the city since 2021.

The Serve robots are classified as being as autonomous as a self-driving car, can reroute if there is something in their way, and can avoid collisions with drivers, according to Mashable.

In the comments section, several people said that the robot and food would be stolen if Uber Eats deployed delivery robots in their city or country.

Others shared that they found the robot to be quite cute.

“leave her alone she made it….a few mins late but she made it… soo cute,” a commenter wrote.

And another camp of commenters said they were scared of the development of autonomous delivery. To one such commenter, Adama replied, “Girl same! When it just stood there I panicked!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Adama via Instagram direct message and Uber Eats via email.

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*First Published: Jul 20, 2023, 8:02 am CDT