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Tweekender: How Twitter’s making French speakers less formal

Here’s all of notable Twitter news for the week, rounded up in 140 characters or less. 


Kris Holt


With hundreds of millions of tweets per day, it’s impossible to follow everything happening on Twitter. Every Friday, the Daily Dot rounds up notable Twitter news and stories from the past week—in 140 characters or less.

  • Twitter’s top lawyer Alexander Macgillivray mused on the company’s approach to free speech as it grows as a business.
  • The company pushed out a rather neat tool to display tweets from a person, list, or search with an embeddable widget.
  • Twitter’s also taking a proactive approach in encouraging more women to take up computer programming.
  • A photo-upload bug hampered image sharing for a while.
  • Twitter launched its new API, so the countdown’s on for developers to make their apps compliant with the new rules.
  • The BBC took a fascinating look into how speakers of French, Spanish, and German are becoming less formal on Twitter.
  • A Southern California user complained after being kicked out of a gym over apparent bad body odor.
  • One guy wrote 20,000 fake tweets for the new Madden game.
  • Does the “tweets per minute” metric actually reveal any insight about the election?
  • A U.K. newspaper started a campaign to clean up Twitter after an investigation into pedophiles in the community.
  • Formula One star Lewis Hamilton landed in trouble after sharing a photo of sensitive car performance data.
  • Soccer player Leon Knight’s account was suspended after posting humiliating, Is Anyone Up?-style photos of a number of women.
  • Here’s the harrowing tale of what happened when comedian Noel Fielding’s followers bullied a woman into attempting suicide.
  • This presidential campaign is being called the “Twitter election.” PandoDaily’s Hamish McKenzie does a good job of explaining why.
  • The woman LeAnn Rimes is suing for allegedly bullying her on Twitter is launching a countersuit. How does she live without the block button?
  • A petition urged CNN to fire pundit Erick Erickson after she compared the Democratic National Convention to The Vagina Monologues.
  • School students in Pennsylvania protested lunches, but mentions of the hashtag dropped from 5,928 last Wednesday to 22 on Monday.
  • As U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron shuffled his cabinet, those involved reacted to the news through tweets.

The week’s best new accounts: Jack Handey has made me giggle more than a few times. Also, say hi to Liv Tyler.

Photo of the week: Barack Obama makes his case for four more years as U.S. president in this lovely black-and-white shot. (@barackobama)


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